We pride ourselves on providing Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut with the highest quality training available in the area. All of our instructors are dedicated to providing you with safe, current, and practical instruction. Zero flash, all skill building.

If you’re looking for the latest buzzworthy tacticool techniques, you will not find them here as we teach time proven and battle tested methods of weapons manipulation and critical stress decision making. 

The simplest and easiest way to obtain your MA License to Carry! Our instructors will put you through the paces and teach you the basics of firearms safety, safe gun handling, MA Firearms laws and regulations, proper storage and transport of firearms, ammunition and its components, and common malfunctions. The class lasts 4 hours and satisfies all training requirements set by the state for obtaining your License to Carry. This class is available in Foxboro, MA and Medford, MA.

MA Firearms Safety Course - Medford
Per Person
  • Valid for MA License to Carry and FID Cards
  • No Live Fire
  • Hands on Training with real firearms
  • Certificate Issued on Completion of Class
  • Attendees get 20% off their next class!

Our Defensive Handgun Skills Program (DHSP) is a progressive training module designed to build a shooter’s skill set from the ground up. Starting with fundamentals and skill building exercises, Defensive Handgun I (DH1) teaches the foundation of our pistol shooting program by utilizing discovered learning techniques geared in such a way to maximize adult learning. We will fix your deficiencies and polish the areas where you already shine. No class is the same as we custom tailor the training session to each group leaving no one either behind or not challenged. We will break the myths of pistol shooting and your bad habits in 8 hours. 

Defensive Handgun II (DH2) is the next step in the progression, getting you off of the “X” and moving through a 360 degree environment. The class is focused on moving, communicating, and dealing with simulated stress. Here is where we begin to develop thinkers before shooters and push our clients past their perceived limitations. Speed is a byproduct of efficiency, and we will make you more efficient in your manipulations by the class’ end. 

Defensive Handgun III (DH3) is the capstone class of our DHSP where we combine the skills learned in DH1 and DH2 and add vehicle tactics, shooting through auto glass, team communication and tactics, as well as low light techniques together into some of the most advanced and challenging training available in the Massachusetts/Rhode Island area. Students who complete the course and pass the TacDynamics Handgun Qualification Course will receive a challenge coin as a recognition of their accomplishment. This is a pass/fail class with certificates of attendance issued to those who complete the course but do not pass the qualification course of fire.  

Defensive Handgun II
Per Person
  • 400 rounds
  • Movement, Use of Cover, and Communicating Under Stress
  • Must complete DH1 or Equivalent Course

Time to run your AR15/M4 Carbine like a pro! Our Carbine Training Program (CTP) is designed to teach the student modern manipulation techniques, increase efficiency under stress, increase combat effectiveness, and bolster the defensive mindset through discovered learning and skill building exercises.

Carbine 1: Carbine 1 is our foundation CTP Course designed to teach the basics of rifle marksmanship, modern manual of arms, distance marksmanship, malfunction recognition and remediation, and much more. This class is as must take for anyone who owns an AR15 and may deploy it in a home defense situation, or operationally as a LEO or member of our Armed Services. 

Carbine 1.5: Carbine 1.5 focuses on movement, team tactics, and use of cover/concealment. This class is designed to push your current skill set to the next level, helping you become one with your chosen weapon system. This class is heavy on skill building exercises designed to challenge your abilities while working on improving specific techniques. 

Carbine 2: Carbine 2 is our capstone CTP course and will challenge your abilities and push your limits under simulated stress. Focusing on team and vehicle tactics as well as unorthodox shooting techniques, this class completes our Carbine Program and will give you an operational skill set with the AR15/M4 platform.

Carbine 1.5
Per Person
  • Shooting on the Move/Moving to Shoot 
  • 500 rounds 
  • Team Communication/Tactics 
  • Skill Building Exercises 
  • Combat Effectiveness Test 

The Shotgun is one of the most prolific firearms in the United States. Our Defensive Shotgun course is designed to teach the skills required to effectively deploy your shotgun in a home defense situation. This class is heavy on skill builders that will give you techniques to work on during your practice sessions. You will learn how to manipulate your shotgun, malfunction clearance, shell management, and much more. This is a physically demanding class as anyone who has ever run a shotgun for a day will confirm that shotguns are work!