The Chameleon Sling

The Chameleon Sling: The solution to taking a front sight post to the stones!

The Chameleon Sling is a MOLLE/PALS vest integrated single point weapon sling offering better function then an ordinary single point sling. The chameleon Sling prevents neck strain and junk bump by the way its mounted to the vest by spread loading the weight of the weapon across the entire upper body.

​​The Chameleon Sling can be configured for three different mounting options. It can be configured as a regular single point sling with its supplied auxiliary strap, it can be used in the Chameleon mode mounted front and back of the users MOLLE/PALS vest and in patrol mode where the receiver strap is removed from the bungee and attached to the snap link which is then attached to the upper webbing on the front of the users vest.

​​We offer the Chameleon Sling in Black, OD Green, Foliage Green, MARPAT Brown, and Coyote Tan with three different weapon attachment options MASH hook, Snap Shackle, or Quick Disconnect swivel. Get your Chameleon Sling and kiss the good old front sight to barrel junk bump good bye.

These slings are available in our shop from $45 plus shipping/handling, depending on attachment point choice.

Check out this awesome review of the Chameleon Sling from Jerking the Trigger!

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