Hi Rob,

Thanks for sending the information.  And please keep it coming.

On a different subject, I received an envelope in the mail from the Plainville Police yesterday, and discovered that it contained my upgraded LTC.

The Police Chief decided to remove all restrictions from my Class A License to Carry!  I was pleasantly surprised.

I had met him a few weeks ago after sending a letter requesting removal of the restrictions.  I even included a certificate of completion from a handgun course you taught back in the summer.  I was following up to see if he even received the letter, and was a bit surprised when he came out of his office to speak with me.  We met for about ten minutes and it was right then that he informed me he would remove the restrictions.

His decision was based on two things:

I’m a US veteran
I had recently taken a course that explained the MA Law on Use of Force (the course that you provided back in October)

It was these two things that seemed to carry a lot of weight with him.  He has a lot of respect for veterans, and is very concerned that MA citizens are not aware of the various laws, resulting in possible problems down the road if he allows someone to carry concealed.

Another success story……

Just thought I would let you know.  Thanks for your advice.

Best Regards,

Keith Kimmel

I’d recommend this specific class to anyone who wants to obtain their gun license or simply for training on firearms. The course I attended is called the MA Firearms Safety Course. The class time flew by because it was very interesting. A lot of people can give you information from a book, but not everyone can tell you the information as easily as Rob. The environment was very friendly, not only with the staff there but with the group of people that gather there(classmates). You won’t feel out of place because most people have never shot a gun in their life like my self. everyone is as curious and brand new to it as your self. Rob is a good instructor overall, he answered questions from all the participants without error. I currently live in Randolph and did not mind the drive to Foxboro.  It was worth every penny for the course and the gas to get there. I enjoyed so much that i paid for another class in advance.

Just wanted to say thanks to the instructors at Tactical Dynamics Firearms Training for all the training they provided. Was a lot more information than I expected and they did a great job at getting all the points across. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to get gun permit and the knowledge of gun safety.

Rob and Denis at Tactical Dynamics were outstanding instructors. They shared a great deal of technical and legal information mixed with portions of humor and anecdotal stories. This strategy made classroom learning engaging, and less stressful when it came to the firing range. Their handout slides were well done and distributed to the class before we adjourned. I look forward to taking attending their Use of Force Class to further my training about firearms.

Just finished the Carbine 1 class today. Completely exceeded my expectations and provided outstanding training. Bob and Denis are exceptional trainers, bringing both diversified experience and excellent one-to-one training as well as group skills. The availability of loaner rifles and sidearm GREATLY opens up the student availability, offering this opportunity and training to those who do not own their own rifle. – Michael M. 

Just took a class today and was extremely impressed. The class was very informative and the guys running the class made it fun. I went in completely clueless, but left with a wealth of knowledge and never felt like I was being treated as if I was “stupid.” I went in with an open-mind, but also with hesitation and that completely changed by the end of the class. I highly recommend taking claases here! – Nycholle E.

Rob and Dennis are top notch. I received better training with them than 14 years of Naval Service including NCIS. These guys will get you dialed in and more comfortable working with your carbine than you can imagine. – Chad C., RI

“Over last almost two years I have taken TD’s progress of hand gun training, live fire. Then when I can I repeat course with these excellent instructors to again reinforce the safety practices, and abilities. Then I took the simunitions – wow this really is a close as one can get. They film your errors, and each class everyone gets better, and safer, to the point that one is no longer having to ever fire in a simulated encounter (the best outcome of all when possible). As I have told my friends interested, they will make you “safer” for your self and family, while better at tactical shooting, and then hopefully able to manage an encounter so you have the skills not to shoot and control a situation.”