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Denis Donovan – Owner/Instructor

MCJTC Certified Police Firearms Instructor, Sig Sauer Semi Auto Pistol Instructor, Safariland certified Patrol Rifle Instructor, Sig Arms Certified Active Shooter Response Instructor, Sig Arms Ballistic shield Instructor,  US Army Combat Veteran – Operation Desert Storm

Denis Donovan has 29 years of combined Military and law enforcement experience to his credit. He is a Veteran of Desert Storm and served in Iraq and Kuwait during his deployment. After leaving the Army at the rank of Sergeant, Denis worked as a correction Officer at Walpole Maximum security prison. Denis then became a Police Officer in 1993 until present.

Denis has been a MCJTC certified firearms instructor since 2001, holding certifications in pistol, rifle, shotgun and less lethal. Denis is also a certified S.W.A.T. Operator and member of his department’s Tactical Team. Denis has a vast working knowledge of different weapons systems and holds Armorer certifications with the Remington 870/ Para Ordnance LDA pistol/ Smith& Wesson M&P pistol as well as M4 carbine. Denis is an instructor that puts safety first while still delivering a real world approach to training.