Denis Donovan – Owner/Instructor

MCJTC Certified Police Firearms Instructor, Safariland certified Patrol Rifle Instructor, Sig Arms Certified Active Shooter Response Instructor, Sig Arms Ballistic shield Instructor,  US Army Combat Veteran – Operation Desert Storm

Denis Donovan has 29 years of combined Military and law enforcement experience to his credit. He is a Veteran of Desert Storm and served in Iraq and Kuwait during his deployment. After leaving the Army at the rank of Sergeant, Denis worked as a correction Officer at Walpole Maximum security prison. Denis then became a Police Officer in 1993 until present.

Denis has been a MCJTC certified firearms instructor since 2001, holding certifications in pistol, rifle, shotgun and less lethal. Denis is also a certified S.W.A.T. Operator and member of his department’s Tactical Team. Denis has a vast working knowledge of different weapons systems and holds Armorer certifications with the Remington 870/ Para Ordnance LDA pistol/ Smith& Wesson M&P pistol as well as M4 carbine. Denis is an instructor that puts safety first while still delivering a real world approach to training.