Rob Curran

Rob Curran 


Rob Curran has been a firearms enthusiast since he fired his first weapon at age seven. He served four years in the United States MarineRob Curran Corps between 2001 and 2005. During his time in the Marines, Rob was charged with implementing and supervising training events ranging from simple periods of instruction to weapons training evolutions.  After leaving the Marines as a Sergeant he began a career in Law Enforcement and has been a patrolman since 2007. Since becoming a police officer he has consistently qualified expert by MPTC standards and trains weekly on his own time to ensure full combat effectiveness.

Rob is a certified NRA Pistol Instructor, a SigArms Certified Patrol Rifle Instructor, Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council certified Firearms Instructor, and a factory certified Smith & Wesson M&P armorer. Rob has years of experience in pistol and rifle shooting in both target and tactical situations. With over 10 years of combined Military and Law Enforcement experience, Rob brings a serious but common sense approach to firearms training with emphasis on safety and modern manipulation techniques.

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor 

MA State Police Certified Basic Firearms Safety Instructor

SigArms Certified Patrol Rifle Instructor 

SigArms Certified Active Shooter Response Instructor

MPTC Certified Firearms Instructor (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun) 

S&W Factory Certified M&P Armorer




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