Rob Curran

Rob Curran

Owner/Instructor | Chief Executive Officer

Rob is a USMC veteran leaving service as a Sergeant before becoming a full time police officer in southern Massachusetts. Rob is the lead instructor on his department’s firearms training staff and holds a Master Firearms Instructor rating (Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun) from the Sig Sauer Academy. Rob is also the Chief Executive Officer of Tactical Dynamics and primary instructor at live fire classes. In addition to being a Certified Digital Marketing Specialist , Rob also handles the Tactical Dynamics webmaster duties.

Currently Held Instructor Ratings:

  • Master Firearms Instructor – Sig Sauer Academy
  • Certified SWAT Operator (10/2016)
  • Patrol Rifle Instructor – Sig Sauer Academy
  • Semi-Auto Pistol Instructor – Sig Sauer Academy
  • Active Shooter Instructor – Sig Sauer Academy
  • Ballistic Shield Instructor – Sig Sauer Academy
  • Mechanical and Shotgun Breaching Instructor – Sig Sauer Academy
  • LASER Active Shooter Response Instructor – Department of Homeland Security
  • NRA Training Counsleor
  • NRA Pistol Instructor – National Rifle Association
  • MPTC Firearms Instructor Level I – MA Police Training Council
  • Use of Force Instructor – MA Police Training Council
  • Less Lethal Munitions Instructor – MA Police Training Council
  • MA State Police Basic Firearms Safety Instructor
  • Smith and Wesson M&P Series Armorer
  • Sig Sauer M400/M4 Carbine Armorer


Phone: 855-276-5730 x101

It’s not about being the sage on the stage… it’s about being the coach behind the curtain.

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