Pepper Spray Courses

PEPPER SPRAY DEFENSE COURSE                                                                         $100

pepper sprayDo you not want to purchase a gun but still feel that you need a means to defend yourself? Have you ever considered carrying pepper spray for protection? With the decline of our economy and the associated rise in crime, there​ is no better time than now to get trained on the proper way to deploy pepper spray. Refuse to be a victim and turn the tables on your aggressor!

Not only will we teach you to use pepper spray the right way, but ​​we will provide you with the skills to help you avoid harmful encounters all together.

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In this class you will learn:

• Safety Awareness Tips
• How to Carry and Properly Deploy Pepper Spray
• Verbal Commands and Presence
• Training Drills with Inert Training Sprays
• Post Deployment Advice
• Simple Self Defense Techniques​​​​ ​​

About Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray (Oleoresin Capsicum) is a defensive tool that is made by taking the hot portions of peppers and suspending them in a water or alcohol based propellant. Pepper Spray provides the user a stand off capability to deter and stop an attack. Pepper Spray is an effective means of self protection and provides an alternative or supplemental force option to a firearm.



  • ​​​3 Hour Classes taught by Civilian/LE instructors
  • ​Ladies only and private classes available!
  • ​Must be 18 years old to attend.

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