Denis Donovan

Denis Donovan

Owner/Instructor | Chief Operations Officer

Denis is one of the owners and co-founders of Tactical Dynamics with over 30 years of military and law enforcement service to his credit.  Denis is former US Army Sergeant and Veteran of Operation Desert Storm (ODS91).  After his military service Denis worked as a corrections Officer at Walpole Maximum security prison and then became a full time Police Officer which he is still employed at presently.

Denis is an instructor who works to continually hone his craft and pass what he has learned along to his students.  He is an instructor who takes very seriously the responsibility he has to give his students the safest, most realistic and relevant training experience possible.  Denis holds multiple certifications from reputable training organizations like Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Sarfariland, General Dynamics as well as several others and holds instructor ratings in multiple disciplines spanning from less lethal, edged weapon defense to just about anything with a trigger.

  • US Army Combat Veteran
  • Certified SWAT Operator (10/2016)
  • 23 years Full time Police Officer
  • Sig Sauer Certified Master Firearms Instructor
  • Sig Sauer Certified Ballistic Shield Instructor
  • Sig Sauer Certified Active Shooter Instructor
  • General Dynamics certified Simunition Instructor
  • MA State Police Certified Basic Firearms Safety Instructor
  • Smith & Wesson/Remington/Para Ordnance/M4 Carbine Armorer


Phone: 855-276-5730 x102

“Hard Work, Discipline and Self Sacrifice are the keys to Victory in any fight,”  Denis Donovan

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