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END THE DEBATE: 9mm versus 45 ACP versus whatever…

Mine’s Bigger Than Yours So the other day I posted up on our Facebook page the question of what caliber peopler prefer: 9mm, 40 S&W, or 45ACP with the expressed intent of essentially inciting a pissing contest to give me the opportunity to rain some knowledge down on y’all….. School circle on the Sarge for…

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Safety First!

So I happened to be hanging out on Facebook this morning and saw that Harris Tactical posted a video that showed this one particular Darwin Award runner up providing a review of his new-to-him knockoff Ithica model 37 shotgun. During this video the numbskull with the shotgun yammers on for a few minutes providing you…

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concealed carry

Concealed Carry: Do’s and Don’ts

Concealed Carry Do’s and Don’ts The other day we put a question out on our on our Facebook Page¬†¬†asking our followers to give us a few topics to blog about. One of our followers, Ed, brought up the discussion point of Concealed Carry Do’s and Don’ts and we felt that it was a good starting…

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Training vs. Gear: The Dilemma

Training versus Gear We hear it all of the time during classes… “I bought this gun” or “I have to get the newest tacticool piece of kit out there” or some combination of the two. Now I’m not about to tell you how to spend your money or what you spend it on and in…

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