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Pistol Training

Pistol Classes offered by Tactical Dynamics

Quick Tip: Tactical Reloads and EDC

Let’s face the music a little bit here… How many of you have seriously taken the time to practice tactical reloads during your training regimen? Bueller….. Bueller….. Bueller? That’s what I thought. I won’t even ask how many of you are carrying a reload. I recently had a discussion with a student during one of…

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Why I Don’t Open Carry

Another question that pops up frequently in all levels of our classes is “should I open carry?” Categorically… We say NO. (Go ahead… Flame away.) Here’s why:   Reason 1: You become a target. As the adage goes, surprise is an advantage. While many say that you will deter an assault by telling God and…

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Training Tip: Reloading in the Workspace

One of the things that we are steadfast in emphasizing to our students is the importance of being able to conduct a consistent reload under any condition that you may find yourself in. The days of simply taking a magazine out of a pouch and jamming it into the magazine well are simply just done.…

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