Our mission is to provide firearms training services to law enforcement, military, and private citizen clients in the greater northeastern United States. Tactical Dynamics was founded by police officers Rob Curran and Denis Donovan in November of 2011 with the goal of teaching firearms safety classes to members of our community. In 2013 we were joined by James Wise as a partner in the business and since we have grown from a hobby business to a full fledged training company with five course locations throughout Massachusetts.


We offer a full course catalog of classes ranging from basic firearms safety courses to advanced tactical training for law enforcement and private clients. Our goal is simple: improve the overall skill, safety and proficiency of the average shooter.


Anyone can go to the range and blast away. We hold you accountable to standards and help you improve by constantly focusing on the fundamentals.


Our courses are based on how adults learn. By harnessing a hands on training approach, we teach not only the how but the why. You will retain far more information by combining tactile, visual, and auditory learning techniques. Doing so saves time in the classroom which further leads to more time practically applying learned skills on the range.


We strive to not be the “sage on the stage” but the coaches behind the curtain. Its not about what we can do, it is about what you can do with our guidance.


Whatever your training goals are, we can help you meet and exceed them rapidly.

Learn from highly experienced, professional instructors with decades of teaching experience

Fundamentals under stress. Testing skills to evaluate proficiency in challenging situations.

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